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Cops training to ride ATV's

February 20, 2004

Albany -- Albany Police and Dougherty County Sheriff's Department Officers use All Terrain Vehicles for a number of assignments.

But ATV's can be dangerous if you don't know the proper way to ride them. So, Friday morning a training session was held to make sure the cops are ready to ride. Riding all terrain vehicles through orange cones, making hairpin turns and then gunning them to high speed.

Albany PD and Dougherty County Deputies are training on ATV's, and it's Tracey Barnes job to teach them to ride safely. "Safety comes first, and we cover the rules of what they are allowed do. And they all must have the riding protection on. The requited helmets, gloves, pads, and boots."

The ATV's are used by the county's law enforcement Special Response Team, or during special events. Officers are picked by supervisors to receive the training. For the officers, most were surprised by their first rides.

Captain Mack Green said "You've got to keep it under control at all times. So it make a big difference for the training." Captain Tim Hanington said "We may be called to utilize these vehicles at any time. Whether it's a rescue or a person search."

Barnes said "People are used to seeing a Police Car pull up. And you can spot those things a mile away. They are not used to seeing an officer on these type of vehicles, and you can sneak right up on them."

The ATV's were purchased with Weed and Seed funds for alternative patrolling techniques. Other Police Departments have talked with Albany about the efficiency of officers using ATV's.

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