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Lottery fever has hit South Georgia

February 20, 2004

The Mega Millions drawing has grown to $230 million--the largest jackpot ever for the Mega Millions drawing.

South Georgians are shelling out lots of cash in hopes of winning the prize, but there will be more than one big winner tonight.

People are following the sign "this way to the lottery" in hopes of striking it rich.

"They says give me a lucky ticket!!!" Cindy Harris has been selling lotto tickets at the Woodall's in Albany for awhile now.

"Oh, about 4 or 5 years, I've been selling a lot." Today, she is selling a record number.

In her years behind the lottery counter, she has seen one person hit the jackpot, "They won six million all total."

These people hope they are the next one to hit the winning numbers, "We have had people that have been buying 45 tickets, 80 tickets, 75 and we have been printing them out!"

This woman is counting all 75 lotto tickets she just bought while Cindy the lotto worker counts up cash the Mega Millions is bringing in, "I just say buy your ticket and try your luck!"

The drawing has been moved from Atlanta to New York because of the anticipation of the jackpot.

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