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Arbor Day celebration in Thomasville

February 20, 2004

Thomasville - "I think she was really the person who started the beauty of Thomasville," says Ruth Sons of Jessie Harris.

Son's says, "We're known for our dogwood trees and she's the one who started all of that."

Of the Harris Oak, Sons says, "All I know is they were going to cut it down, and she said, 'no way!' She brought her rocking chair down and she chained herself to the tree."  "And," exclaims Sons, "she had her gun!"

"They left the tree and isn't it beautiful?" Sons asks. She says more trees need to be planted.

"I'm not against progress," says Sons. "I love progress. But there is too much cement in this world right now. Too many trees are being cut down, and we've got to think about that. We need a little more ecology. This tree is a symbol of the city of Thomasville, I think."

The Harris Oak tree stands outside the chapel of First Baptist Church on the corner of Washington and Broad Streets.

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