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Bridge collapse injures workers

February 19, 2004

Atkinson County - A South Georgia bridge collapsed Thursday afternoon, injuring two construction workers.

Workers from Southern Concrete in Albany were tearing down the bridge on Highway 135 near Willacoochee. A deck collapsed and a 50 ton crane fell in the Alapaha River, along with three workers.

Luckily, they were all wearing their safety equipment and weren't seriously injured. "When you're working over water, if you're five feet above any height you have to wear your life jackets and they had their safety harnesses on so they could hook off to cables," said Sandra Ingram, Safety Compliance Officer. "This is probably what saved their lives."

The driver of the crane was not injured. One worker who was standing on the deck may have a broken leg, the other received minor bumps and bruises.

The bridge was 64 years old.

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