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Warwick Police Chief Resigns

February 19, 2004

Albany - The police chief of Warwick has resigned as the G-B-I investigates him. Sedric Carithers is being investigated for his use of federal grant money.

Warwick city attorney, Tommy Coleman says Carithers wrote checks to himself out of an account that contained grant money for a youth program. "The chief chose to go ahead and resign rather than face some sort of disciplinary action from the council, Plus if there were an investigation by the G-B-I there would be a good deal of public discussion about the city of Warwick having a police chief that was being investigated," said Coleman.

Carithers has been Warwick police chief for about two years. Randy Howard Kr. is now the acting police chief. The G-B-I will present its evidence to prosecutors who will determine whether to file criminal charges.

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