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Senate committee approves redistricting map

February 19, 2004

Atlanta - State legislators have less than two weeks to re-draw political maps. On Thursday, a Senate committee approved a revised version.

Last week, a three judge federal panel overturned Georgia's redistricting plans saying it was illegally drawn to help Democratic Incumbents and it violated one person one vote. Lt. Governor Mark Taylor says, "I'm afraid that south Georgia is going to lose representation in the House and Senate. That's not good because it will be harder for us to come to Atlanta and ask for our share of our tax dollars to come back to our hometowns."

Representative Ed Rynders says the democratic house proposed map takes away south Georgia's District 130 seat, but it combines Irwin and Coffee Counties, putting two incumbents in the same district. Rynders adds, "You never know what's going to happen, but when you look at republican voters the largest concentrated area is in northwest Albany and southern Lee County. My logic says it would be hard to carve us up, so I'm optimistic about my personal seat."

The approved Senate plans will go to a vote in the full chamber tomorrow. If both parties in both the house and senate can't come up with a compromise, federal judges will re-draw the map.

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