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Grady County may receive state funds

February 19, 2004

Grady Co. - For 30 years Grady County commissioners have been working on the Tired Creek Project. Finally, the Georgia House of Representatives okayed $10.5 Million to be sent to Grady County.

County Commission Chairman Elwyn Childs says, "Well it makes me feel really good, because it's been so many years in the making. It's been 30 something years since we first started talking about Tired Creek and now, this is the furthest we have gone in reality."

But the battle now continues in the State Senate. With budget cuts throughout the state, money is tight, but Childs hopes some of that money will come to South Georgia.

He says, "We kind of feel like Southwest Georgia needs a little attention as well as the ones around Atlanta. We're not trying to take anything away from Atlanta, we just want some of ours brought back home."

The money would go toward building a 1200 acre fishing pond that could also be used as a reservoir. The goal in building the park is to attract more people to Grady County.

"It's really unlimited to what we can bring to Grady County," says Childs. "The housing, recreation, people; mostly visiting and maybe relocating here. Having something they can be around or be involved with and they'd enjoy."

But no one can enjoy the area without state funding for its development. The tired Creek project currently has about $350,000 saved for dam construction.

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