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Bridge House renovation to start soon

February 19, 2004

Albany -- As construction on the Albany Rivercenter nears completion, renovation plans for the Bridge House are expected to be announced soon.

 The Bridge House was built in December 1858 on the banks of the Flint River.

It was the business building for Albany's first wooden bridge. Constructed by Horace King, a noted bridge builder, it still stands near the corner of West Broad Avenue and North Front Street.

 Thronateeska Heritage Center curator, Christopher Pike, said "Horace King was a great craftsman, so he put a lot of effort into his work. To make sure it was done right and would last. Most of the structures he built, especially bridges, had a warranty on them. Obviously they did not want to lose money by having to go back and repair them all the time, so they built them right the first time."

Albany Tomorrow's master plan calls for the renovation of the Bridge House, one of the oldest buildings still standing in Albany.

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