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Investigators dig for dog remains

February 18, 2004

Worth County -- A Sumner women says Worth County deputies and GBI agents started digging up her backyard Wednesday morning. She claims they didn't show her a search warrant, but the sheriff said this afternoon that investigators do have a warrant.

Thelma Clark's son, Arthur Lee Clark Junior, was arrested at this home in July on drug charges. During his arrest, police also confiscated 68 pit bulls and rottweilers kept on the property. GBI officials say they are looking for evidence that Arthur Clark was fighting the dogs for sport. A charge his mother denies. "I don't say he was fighting them because he wasn't. My son just loved dogs," says Thelma Clark. "He loved them every since he was little. I think my son loved the dogs more than he loved me. Because you should have seen the food and stuff they hauled from here,"she said.

Clark's mother says the property is in her name and police should have given her the warrant. Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins said the warrant will be given to her son. He said this afternoon that some items have been found and will be sent to the Moultrie crime lab for analysis.

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