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Ruby Tuesday suffers fire damage

February 18, 2004

Albany-- Fire and smoke force Ruby Tuesday customers and employees out of the restaurant Wednesday afternoon.Smoke started to fill the dining area about 2:30. That’s when firemen were called to the scene.

The blaze, which investigators believe was electrical, started in the restaurant's ceiling and eventually burned a hole through the roof.

“Most of the smoke was downstairs in the restaurant area, but we isolated the fire back up on the roof area,” said AFD Assistant Chief James Carswell. “Evidently the air conditioning system had circulated that smoke from the roof area back into the restaurant itself.

“For all we knew, it could have been just a little tiny fire, but then all of a sudden flames started coming out,” said General Manager Terry Thornton. No injuries were reported.

Health inspectors say all of the food will have to go. Ruby Tuesday hopes to reopen by Thursday evening.

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