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Changes underway along the Flint

February 18, 2004

Albany - In June, you'll be able to nature watch and enjoy a stroll down the Flint River without leaving downtown Albany. The $6,000,000 Riverfront Park on Front Street is set to open this summer.

Workers are planting trees and flowers at the park. And businessman Peter Studl is watching the progress closely. "We're just looking at the construction and getting a sense of the progress in the downtown area," said Peter Studl.

Studl is opening Fire Truck Pizza across the street and is relying on the park and the Riverquarium to bring in customers. "It's really probably a two year window before the traffic gets going down here from tourism."

For now he's waiting to renovate, and he's happy with the landscape shaping up around him. "It's a really wonderful interactive park, so being across the street is a really great place to have a business," said Studl. 

When complete, the Park will have a wildflower garden, dozens of flowers and trees, and a 100-jet fountain where kids can run and play. The Riverwalk will wind along the river, with terraced seating. It's a perfect place to nature watch as your children enjoy the Turtle Grove Play park.

Alongside the Riverwalk is a biking trail which will extend from Veteran's Park to 3rd Avenue. And, the path will eventually run from the Parks at Chehaw to Radium Springs. It will also open in June.

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