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Purpose Driven Life

February 17, 2004

Thomasville - If you live in Thomasville, chances are you've seen a pin, a billboard or a sign asking if you know what your purpose in life is.

It's part of a program sponsored by First Baptist Church. For 40 days, members of the church and the community are invited to take part in a campaign to find out what God wants for their life.

Pastor Dan Spencer says, "To just take some time, just 40 days out of your entire lifetime to spend figuring out what is the purpose that you have in your life, why did God put you here?  I think that's a question that everybody asks deep down. What on earth am I here for. What is the purpose for which I've been placed on this planet?"

Those involved in the campaign will receive a book titled, The Purpose Driven Life, and take part in weekly Bible studies. 

If you are interested in joining "40 Days of Purpose", contact First Baptist Church at (229) 228-6800.  You can also find out more at First Baptist's  website.

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