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Poll workers training again for next election

February 17, 2004

Albany - A statewide election is only two weeks away. Election supervisors are working out kinks from Tuesday's citywide election.

Albany precinct workers showed up at the voter registration office to be trained again. They are trying to make sure the Ward 4 run-off, presidential primary, and flag vote go smoothly. They are hoping to avoid mistakes that forced one precinct to stay open two extra hours last Tuesday.

It has only been a week since Albany's special election, but it seems like an eternity ago for poll manager Lela Bason Hicks. She sighs, "Yes, Yes."

Poll workers had an extra long day. Hicks adds, "We was there at 10 to six [AM] and we left at 9:10 [PM]."

Election results were delayed two hours due to confusion at the polls. Some problems were as simple as following instructions and checking power sources. Others had trouble getting cards out of the machine. Now poll workers are getting another crash course.

It's just like when you were in school, poll workers should study to get ready for exam day. In this case for election day. Hicks gives advice, "We stay together, the three of us until we are comfortable and ready for the next morning."

Hicks assistants consists of her husband, Edward Hicks, and sister Toye Solomon. They say teamwork is a must. She smiles, "We work perfectly together."

Election board members will also get a touch of training to make sure poll workers don't have to work overtime for next month's election.

On March 2nd, you may find longer lines. If you live in an area that involves the run-off election for Bo Dorough and Joanne Pope, you have to vote on two separate machines. One for Ward 4 and another for the presidential primary and flag vote.

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