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Peanut demand is up

February 17, 2004

Albany -- Georgia peanut farmers are optimistic that 2004 will be another profitable growing year.

The Georgia Peanut Producers Association reported today that demand for their nuts is up,  and that is good news for Southwest Georgia farmers. As South Georgia farmers prepare to plant peanuts next month, they are happy that the demand and prices for their crop are up.

Lowndes County farmer Gregg Hall said "The attitudes are more positive than we have seen in recent years." At their annual meeting in Albany, The Georgia Peanut Producers Association reported that sales of peanuts in the United States have risen 25 million dollars per year since 2000.

 National marketing and research, and the farmers willingness to adapt to changing markets, is paying off. National Peanut Board Executive Director Marie Fenn said "Those that are growing today have lived through numerous and dramatic changes. They are there because they have the enthusiasm and the courage to do things in a new and different way."

Peanut butter sales are up nine percent, and it looks like the price of peanuts will be up, also. University of Georgia Agriculture forecasters say peanut farmers can expect increased prices for their crops if they produce a top quality yield.

 Shellers report contracting peanuts for about 400 dollars per ton, that's twenty dollars higher than last year's prices.

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