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Five siblings surrounded by inmates

February 16, 2004

Mitchell County - When it comes to your career, whose footsteps did you follow? It's not uncommon to go into a profession your parents are in, but what happens when siblings start following each other?

Teresa Jones is a rolling medicine dispenser. She asks inmates, "Hello, how are you this morning?"

The nurse keeps Mitchell County inmates healthy. Her brother, Roscoe, works with her. She says, "My brother Roscoe started it. He started at Pelham Police Department and we all just kind of fell in behind him."

Roscoe is now a sheriff deputy. He laughs, "Most of my brothers followed in my footsteps." Teresa adds, "It runs in the family."

She isn't kidding. We found their baby sister, Felichia Jones, sorting mail at Autry State Prison. Felichia smiles, "It was just something that happened one day."

But, is it a coincidence? We found another brother down the hallway. Keith Jones is the prison Unit Manager. He adds, "I always felt like we would be in some type of public service."

Just when you think that's it, another door opens with another brother behind a badge. This is Albany Trooper First Class Kenneth Jones. Kenneth admits, "My mom tends to worry a little bit."

All five deal with the day and the life of criminals. Roscoe makes a point, "The positive is we are all on the right side of the law."

While some siblings enforce the law, others heal and make sure inmates are in touch with the outside world.

They also have a cousin, Malcom Jones, who transports inmates at the Mitchell County Jail.

Their parents are not in law enforcement.

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