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WALB correction: Burgin

February 16, 2004

In newscasts from WALB on October 13, 2003 and January 23, 2004, as well as on our website, we incorrectly reported that Burgin Timber had stopped production in Cuthbert, GA.

The sawmill which was shut down in October 2002, one year prior to our report was owned by Burgin Lumber Company, Ltd.  Burgin Timber, correctly known as Georgia Timber Resources, never operated a sawmill and has not stopped production and continues to carry on its timber operations.

WALB may have implied by the video presentation used for the television story that The Burgin Companies were out of business.

While the sawmill owned by Burgin Lumber Company did cease production, the remaining Burgin entities continue in operation and are not affected by the closure of the sawmill.

WALB regrets the error in our newscasts and reports.

posted at 4:15PM by dave.miller@walb.com

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