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Bankrupt hotel under new ownership

February 3, 2004

Douglas--   Trigild International Inc. has taken over the operations of the local Holiday Inn. It was previously owned and operated by CMLC Inc.

Representatives of Trigild say the owners filed bankruptcy yesterday and the hotel was foreclosed on Tuesday afternoon.

People in Douglas say they're just glad the hotel isn't closing."A new management? I wouldn't say it wouldn't work out and I wouldn't say it would, because sometimes you just never know," said  Barbara Anderson of Douglas. "Sometimes it could be better and sometimes not, but as of right now my main focus is that the Holiday Inn stay in touch with Douglas.”

All 25 employees at the hotel will keep their jobs. Employees say they have not been paid for the past two weeks of work under the old owners.

Trigild reps say their intent is to help all workers get paid.

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