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Enforcing dress codes

February 3, 2004

Thomasville - Like any high school student, Misty Pitts wants to express her individuality. She says, "I think the dress code should not be applied, because what you wear shows who you are and shows your personality."

Though she agrees some people take their "personalities" too far. She says, "One reason I dress presentable is because my parents won't let me walk out of the house not presentable."

Administrators at both Thomasville and Thomas County high schools say parents are the ones ultimately responsible for how their children dress, even if they don't agree with the code.

Ken Harper, Assistant Principal at Thomas Co. High School says , "It's nice to know that when you call and complain the only thing you're complaining about is the dress code, that's a good thing."

Thomasville High Assistant Principal, Dr. Tom McCall says, "If the parents would kind of help us a little bit, then we would not have to police it as much here at the school. Then we could concentrate on test scores, graduation rates, attendance."

So, what should be done to make sure all students are abiding with the dress code? How about uniforms? Student Michelle Mortola says, "There are different kinds of people. Those who have money and those who don't. I think we should go to uniforms so everybody will be equal in what they wear."

But until then, students are asked to simply obey the rules. McCall says, "Where the kids get dressed up, they act so differently. You act like you're dressed, and that's what we try to impress upon them."

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