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Students learn proper dental care

February 3, 2004

Lakeland - February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and South Georgia health officials are spreading awareness on good oral hygiene. Students at Lanier County Elementary got a lesson in dental care Tuesday, courtesy of the South Health District.

Four-year-old Tiffany Sheffield knows the secret to keeping her teeth healthy. "I should brush them twice a day," said Tiffany.

And she's learned that from Dr. Buddy Lee. His mobile dental clinic stopped at Lanier County Elementary Tuesday to teach kids like Tiffany the importance of proper dental care. "The American Dental Association is advising parents to take kids to the dentist as early as their first birthday, so they're never too young to start learning about this," said Lee.

His mobile dental trailer services elementary schools in 10 South Georgia counties. Last year, Dr. Lee offered oral health care to more than 400 students who didn't have access to a dentist. "We teach them how to properly brush their teeth, how to floss, what fluoride does, and how to keep their mouths healthy," said Lee.

Dr. Lee says protecting her teeth at an early age will protect Tiffany's whole body in the future. "It's been proven that gum disease can be linked to hypertension and also high blood sugar, so having healthy teeth as a child makes a healthier adult," said Lee.

And that's good reason to keep Tiffany's smile shining.

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