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Mayoral campaign hits sour note

Willie Adams Willie Adams
Mayor Tommy Coleman Mayor Tommy Coleman

February 3, 2004

Albany-- A campaign commercial for Albany Mayoral candidate Willie Adams has been pulled off the air. Mayor Tommy Coleman says Adams broke the law because the commercial uses copyrighted music without permission.

When a Coleman supporter saw Adams' commercial on TV, campaign staffers called California to find out if Adams had permission to use the background music. "I find it ironic though that it talks about a Mayor you can trust in the very ad that has that in there, so it's contrary to law and violates civil and criminal law," said Coleman.

But Adams says he's not responsible for producing the ads. He hired a Tallahassee company to do it. "This election is not about signs, ad commercial," Adams said. "This election is about jobs, health care, and police protection. I will not reduce myself to that point. My marketing department will take care of that problem, if there is a problem."

Rights holder, Pier Music, says the company is working with Adams' ad agency to get authorization. But a Pier spokesperson said they had never given music rights for political commericials.

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