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On-line test helps with primary decision

February 2, 2004

Albany- Liz Schillo is the past chairman of Darton College Republicans.

So she was surprised when Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich came up as the candidate she most agrees with on the president match website.

"The first time I was a little shocked," Schillo said. "The second time, I was pleased to find out I'm not fully switched over to the democratic party."

Because the second time, President George Bush was at the top of her list. Vickie F. Henderson was pleased her top match was John Kerry.

"I am a Democrat and I am going to vote for him, but this presidentmatch.com gives us a chance to compare some of the real issues I haven't even thought about," Henderson said.

Darton professor Roger Marietta is keeping a close eye on candidate Wesley Clark. But his top match came out to be John Kerry, twice.

"But it forced me to go down the list and look at them," Marietta said. "And I had no idea where Kerry stood on 90 percent of those issues. But after looking at it, I feel I have a better understanding of where he was coming from."

Websites like presidentmatch.com and vote-smart.org aren't meant to influence you, but to help you see who cares about the same issues you do.

Vote smart, which is non-partisan, collects facts and information on thousands of candidates from state legislators to the presidential candidates.

"That's just one way how a voter might see if a candidate might measure up to their personal beliefs on a wide variety of issues," said Brian Tagliaferro, the national director of Vote Smart.

Regardless of who is your top match, it's showing up at the polls that's important.

"Without us, our country would not be the same," Schillo said. "Our vote does count and it always will count."

But until it's time to cast her ballot, Liz will make sure she knows what candidate stands for the issues that are important to her.

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