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Don't let voting changes confuse you

February 2, 2004

Albany - In eight days, Albany voters will choose a new Mayor and three Commissioners. It's the first election using new district lines, but that doesn't mean where you go to vote has changed.

Albany's special election is next Tuesday, and still some voters don't know if their Ward has changed. "Many people think their precinct or polling site has changed and that's not true," said Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

Hatcher says this week you should receive a voting precinct card in the mail informing you of any Ward changes. "Precinct ID cards are supposed to be mailed out this week. But there was a printing delay in Atlanta, so people may not get them before election day," said Hatcher.

If you don't get you precinct ID card, don't worry. You should go back to your usual polling site on Tuesday February 10th. "Some Wards have changed especially Covenant, Merry Acres, and Westover, but again those precincts haven't changed," stressed Hatcher.

If you can't make it out on Tuesday to vote, you need to cast an absentee ballot this week. "Advanced voting is going on all this week, Monday through Friday. If they're going to be out of town, they can certainly come in this week and vote. And of they're disabled or over 75 they can have an absentee ballot mailed to them. But, we must have an application from them," said Hatcher. "This is an important election, so I hope Albany voters will do as usual and get out a vote."

If you still have questions, just call the Elections Office or ask poll workers at your precinct next Tuesday.

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