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Guns found in pond

February 2, 2004

Terrell County -- Dougherty County Police recovered a number of stolen guns from a pond in Terrell County Monday afternoon. The weather made the search and recovery a bone chilling job.

 An unusual catch. Not fish, but guns. George Camp of the Albany Dougherty County Drug Unit went fishing, but it was not a leisure trip. Camp searched the muddy bottom of Old Clark's Mill Pond in Terrell County for rifles and shotguns stolen from a Dougherty County home January 24th.

Too cold to get into the water, Camp leaned over the boat and found the guns. Detective Danny Ball said "I was amazed because of the weather conditions and the cloudiness of the water. But George Camp of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit did a fine job for us."

The frigid water was about 7 feet deep, but most of the guns were lying on lilly pads a couple of feet down. Amazingly, Camp found all 7 guns, 5 shotguns and two high power rifles.

Investigators were led to this spot by the man charged with stealing the guns, Michael Givens. A couple of weeks ago he was arrested, charged with setting an Albany apartment on Greenleaf Court on fire, as well as pointing a gun at a stranger in Lee County.

 Investigators also learned that Givens broke into a home on Lover's Lane Road, because he was angry at the owner. Givens stole these guns, and threw them into the pond. Investigators say it was important to recover them as soon as possible.

Detective Ball said "One thing is to get them back to the victim. The other is anybody else might find them. Could be a child, could be someone else use them for the wrong purpose."

A cold job for George Camp, but a successful one, as he finds all the stolen guns at the bottom of the pond. Michael Givens has now been formally charged with arson in the apartment fire.

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