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Chalk of the Town

February 2, 2004
by John Miller

Kirkland, WA-- She can tell you everything on the menu, even if she's never eaten in the restaurant. And more and more places are depending on her expertise.

Her name is Malia McCabe, and as explains, she's the "Chalk of the Town." And while she ponders the artistic qualities of say, a shrimp, versus, a shrimp cocktail it's possible Malia's true identity is lost somewhere between a latte and a palm tree.

“Well, it's hard to tell people, I'm an artist. I do chalkboards in restaurants.” Like blue water taco grill, one of hundreds of places that have hired Malia to sketch them an identity.

While she still struggles to find one for herself. “I mean, sometimes I feel more like a plagiarist than an actual artist,” she says.

At $33 per square foot, everybody wants their logo, or their bottle, but then how else would Cafe Pogacha show their special of the day? At Scoop Du Jour, they've got one of her best boards, and 31 kinds of ice cream.

What do they do if they add a flavor? They call her! Unfortunately he's not the only one.

I used to put my name and phone number on the chalkboards, but now I put my web address, because I would get phone calls from drunk guys in the middle of the night saying, this chalkboard is awesome. So, I Decided I better take my phone number off altogether.

What's like the most somebody's ever paid for a chalkboard? Try $2,000, but that was about 16 feet long.

Chalk up one more for Malia McCabe, artist, or not.

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