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Job shadowing helps students choose careers

February 2, 2004

Valdosta - Some South Georgia students got a glimpse into their futures Monday. As part of National Job Shadowing Day, students stepped out of the classroom and into the work place.

Lowndes High Senior Jamelia Pridgen is learning the ins and outs of radiology. "I've learned how to work X-ray equipment, how to X-ray a hand, and how to move patients from one bed to another," said Pridgen.

She plans on majoring in this field at Valdosta Tech next year, and today's experience assures her she's on the right track. "You get to see patients and what you encounter on the job," said Pridgen. "It's more real than just going to school and taking classes."

Downstairs on the pediatric wing, Shannon McQueen is also getting a feel for a future in medicine. "I've learned how to check patients in, how to take temperatures, give an I.V.," said McQueen.

And even though she still wants to do this job, she's learned that its not always easy. "The best part has been knowing you helped a child but the worse part has been hearing them cry and seeing them in pain," said McQueen.

But these students aren't the only ones benefiting from this experience. "I hope that it peeks their interest and one day in the future they'll be knocking on our door looking for jobs," said Eidson.

Opening a wide door of opportunities and giving these students a jump start on their careers.

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