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Students become published authors

February 1, 2004

Douglas- The East Coffee Middle School students have just finished one of the most memorable writing assignments they'll ever have.

"It can be any genre the student desires. Some of them are personal accounts, some of them are biographical in nature, some of them are fantasy some of them are as simple as an ABC book. They are written for many different types of audiences from the little child, all the way up to the teenager," explains teacher Lisa Tierney.

Each of the school's 700 hundred students will soon become South Georgia's newest authors. They've all written and illustrated a book that will be published next month.

"They know the writing process and the final step in the process is publication. For most students that means going over to the computer and printing it out, and here at our school we can truly say that we will be published authors," she says.

Terrell Andrews's My Life retells the story of the 8th grader's life.

"It's basically talking about the day I was born and my family members."

Andrews and his fellow authors are not only excited to see their own work published, but hope to share their stories others.

"Just like Mrs. Tierney said, you'll be old one day and your children can actually look at your book, and they'll say 'oh what a great job mom or dad did on their book. I hope I can be able to do that one day," Andrews says.

"I'm hoping they'll say they like it. I'm hoping they'll say that it's a good job for an 8th grader the first time they've ever gotten to write a book," adds Cheryl Sanders.

Their teachers are hoping the project will create new found excitement about writing the students may not have otherwise had.

The books are already on their way to the publisher. Each student will receive their own personal copy of their work during the first week of March.

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