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Industrial park may bring more jobs

January 30, 2004

Albany- Mayor Tommy Coleman hopes a new industrial park will help bring more jobs to Albany.

With city elections a week and a half away, this is the mayor's second proposal to improve the city.

When the city bought the property that is now Parkway Industrial Center across from Proctor & Gamble about ten years ago, it was just vacant lots. Now, it's an industrial park that includes Cottonworks. The company rents this building from the city.

Coleman wants to begin another industrial park near state highway 300, US 82 or US 19 south.

"This is where we're going to create jobs and this is where we're going to create our tax base here in Dougherty County," Coleman said. "We certainly need that development in Albany-Dougherty County, but we need it in east Dougherty County and east Albany as well."

Coleman says there are already ongoing discussions with businesses about the park. City officials would target transportation, trucking and warehouse businesses.

"But I think you'll see trucking and warehousing to be a very big industrial prospect for Albany-Dougherty County. You're going to see less and less, as time goes on, of heavy industry. That's just not where the national economy is going."

He hopes it could be similar to Parkway Industrial Center. One of the companies there now is Cottonworks which makes futon covers sent to retailers all over the country.

Jim Martin moved his company from Orlando nine years ago and began renting this building from the city two years ago.

"We were looking for a place to move to expand and there were no buildings available and then this one was brought up to us and it fit the bill perfect for what we needed at the time," he said.

Martin also says he has found a good labor force in Albany.

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