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Home Burglaries on the rise in Albany

January 30, 2004

Albany -- Home burglaries are on the rise in Albany. There were two more Thursday. Police are asking you to use caution.

Most home break-ins happen during the day, when you are at work. Albany Police say the best way to keep burglars away, is to use electric timers like this to make them think you are at home. Lt. Kenn Singleton said "Maybe have that light come on at 9 O-clock in the morning, and maybe stay on for a couple of hours. Then maybe have something else come on. Maybe the television stays on a couple of hours."

 Police also suggest you use an electric engraver like this to mark your valuables like televisions and video game systems.

Most of the items being taken in the recent break-ins have been small items like these. Investigators think burglars are swapping them for drugs.

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