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UGA hacker affects South Georgia students

January 30, 2004

Valdosta - Hundreds of South Georgia students are among those who's personal information has been obtained through computer hacking at the University of Georgia.

The school is advising some 31,000 people who applied for UGA admission since August 2002 to advise credit reporting agencies and credit card companies that their numbers may have been compromised.

Among the victims, dozens of students from Lowndes High who recently applied to UGA. "We're contacting each one of those students and advising them to call their credit card companies and get in touch with the University of Georgia to make sure everything's okay on that end," said Jennifer Hattway.

At Valdosta State University they're taking extra steps to protect their students. "Our student database is in a system we call Banner and its protected by numerous fire walls," said Walter Peacock, Admissions Director.

The University of Georgia it learned of the breach last week when it was notified that its server was being used to probe other computers in the United States and abroad.

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