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Photographer captures wildlife moments

January 30, 2004

Cook County - Merle Baker makes her daily trip through the woods of Reed Bingham State Park, armed with her tripod in one hand and camera on her shoulder. "I'll get up about daylight and get out, that's when the birds are singing and moving a lot," said Baker.

She's spent her whole life at this park, and knows the key to capturing priceless wildlife moments. "Wildlife is very skittish and you can't let them know you're around," said Baker.

She's photographed just about every animal you could imagine. "Any kind of birds, even coons, turkeys, deer," said Baker. And she goes to great heights to get the perfect picture. "I go through bushes, crawl up in deer stands, and things like that," said Baker.

When her journey through these woods is complete, the finished product is a beautiful wildlife portrait. "I love the beauty of the land and that's one way you can convey the message," said Baker.

And her pictures send that message loud and clear.

You can see Baker's wildlife creations on display this weekend at the Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigham.

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