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Keg party raided by police

January 29, 2004

Dougherty County -- A keg party for underaged teens is raided by Albany Dougherty Drug Agents. Ten people were arrested when the party in South Dougherty county was busted Friday night. Now a warning that underage drinking parties won't not be tolerated.

Neighbors say these tiki torches were burning Friday night at the driveway of the two homes on Tarva Road, and they could tell some kind of party was going on. A caller alerted Police that kids were drinking at the party.

 Around 11:15 Albany Dougherty Drug Agents investigated, and found about 50 people drinking beer from a keg and other alcoholic products. Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "They had a bonfire there. Of course when the Police showed up, kids did what kids will do. They took off running through the woods."

 52 year old Danny Jones, the property owner, was arrested for providing alcohol to a minor. Officers caught 9 other people, 5 who were 17 years of age or older, and 4 juveniles. Investigators figure only about 15 of the 50 people at the party were 21 years old.

 District Attorney Ken Hodges said he was most disturbed by how young some of the kids involved were. Hodges said "The youngest age that was caught was 14, that had been consuming alcohol." Hodges said many of the people at the party were involved at a BMX bicycle competition that day, where reportedly flyers were given out directing people to the party. There were several cars with out of state license plates parked at the party. Hodges said "One, two, or three O-clock in the morning these kids were going to get in these cars and drive away. And that's precisely why it's important we stopped it when we did, when we found out about it."

Warrants were taken for Danny Jones arrest today, charging him with more than a dozen counts of providing alcohol and the delinquency of minors.

 The 9 others arrested were charged with underage consumption.

The charges against Jones are misdemeanors. He could receive one year in jail or a thousand dollar fine for each count if convicted.

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