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Councilman arrested for beating teen

January 29, 2004

Dawson-- A teenager says he was pistol whipped by a Dawson councilman, "I wasn't really scared. I was confused and I didn't know what was going on."

Now, Joseph Breedlove is facing felony charges.  The beating was apparently a case of mistaken identity.  16-year-old Michael Jones says he was followed to his girlfriend's home Wednesday night by a man he didn't know, then was jumped and beaten.

Police say the man who attacked him is newly-elected Dawson coucilman Joseph Breedlove.

54-year-old Joseph Breedlove denies he attacked a16-year-old boy Wednesday night. But Michael Jones has the injuries to prove it, "I got like behind my ear a little scratch and I got stitches in it and my hand got cut in a couple places."

Jones says he was driving to his girlfriend's house on Boundary Street around 8:30 Wednesday night, when he noticed he was being followed by a man he didn't know. When he got to the house, the man attacked, "Oh, first he came and liked tried to fight me so I liked tried to fight him off. Then he ran back to his truck and got a gun and ran back."

That's when Jones says Breedlove pistol whipped him with a 9 milimeter gun, then shot out the tires of Jones' car, "He told me to stay away from his property."

But, this teen doesn't know Breedlove. He says it is a case of mistaken identity, "I just heard that he thought I called his wife and once he found out it wasn't me he went after this other dude."

Police say there was another distirbuance involving Breedlove that same night, but no one was hurt.  Breedlove is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault and cruelty to children. Now this new councilman that made the front page of the Dawson newspaper for getting sworn-in a couple weeks ago will now make the front page for a very different reason.

Police also found less than an ounce of marijuana on Breedlove and charged with possession of marijuana. Joseph Breedlove's bond is $19,000 dollars.

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