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Moody commander gives a year in review

January 29, 2004

Lowndes County - Moody Airmen have been hard at work, defending the country and saving lives. "Our role in the war on global terror has been remarkable this past year," said Col. Bradley Heithold.

At least 500 airmen are deployed from Moody at all times. In 2003, they flew more than 1000 hours in combat and helped save countless lives in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. "Military personnel know that if they're shot down by enemy fire, the men and women from Moody are going to be there to rescue them," said Heithold.

And Col. Heithold hopes these key war efforts will help protect Moody in the next round of Base Realignment and Closures. "Just about every single person from Moody has been deployed at some time in support of the war on terror," said Heithold.

In his state of the base address today, Col. Heithold told these community leaders the best thing they can do to keep the base safe is keep up their one of a kind support. "This base is the backbone of our community and we'll do whatever we can to protect it," said Valdosta Mayor John Fretti. "If we have to raise money, spread awareness, whatever, we'll do it."

Col. Heithold says there's no way to tell which bases are in danger of closing, but with the continued support from this community, Moody will hopefully be spared.

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