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Lee County Commissioners set to meet with state lawmakers

January 28, 2004

Lee County -- Four Lee County commissioners are heading to the state capital next week. They'll meet with lawmakers to discuss issues that directly affect the county. The commission is looking for solutions to problems that effect everything from money for county projects to their ability to attract new business.

Take a ride through parts of Lee County and you'll see two quite different stories. "Our county goes from extremely well being on the South end to the very poorest of the state," says Eddie Hinman, Chairman of the Lee County Commission.

Despite the disparities in incomes across county the state has put Lee County in the highest income category there is. Those changes negatively affect how the county attracts new industries. "It pretty much eliminates a lot of the incentives that we can offer new manufactures that come into our county as far as jobs, tax credits and all that,"says Hinman.

Commissioners aren't just concerned about future tax revenues they're also focused on the money they already have. The one percent retail tax that helps the county pay for countywide projects is being threaten by cities lobbying to have a say in how and where that tax money is used. "In a county such as Lee County and some of the bedroom counties around the state where the majority of sales tax  revenue come from the county it becomes unfair to us. "

Commissioners will ask legislators not to gives cities veto power over the one percent tax. The commission stresses there has never been a problem before between the city and the county over the money  and they hope after their visit next week there never will be.

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