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Super Bowl sparks TV sales in South Georgia

January 28, 2004

Albany -- Is the Super Bowl a good economic indicator, even here in South Georgia? One Albany business says the NFL championship game means customers for him.

Chuck Knight at Knight's Appliances and Electronics is moving and setting up his big screen television showroom. Super Bowl Sunday means parties and gatherings to watch the big game, and many fans decide they need a new big screen to watch it on.

 Owner Chuck Knight said "Business has been brisk on big screen TV's. You think we might do more at Christmas, and our Christmas business was good, but really the peak time for rear projection television is just prior to the Super Bowl."

 High Definition, flat screen, and rear projection models are all hot sellers. Knight says once again this year top end t.v. sales are up. And experience tells him last minute customers will be clamoring to get ready for Sunday's big game. Knight said "We expect pretty good business Friday and Saturday. We pretty much try to guarantee if they buy the set before we close, we'll get it out delivered that day. Or least before the Super Bowl."

Knight's Appliances has been a South Georgia family owned and run business for 39 years. With a store in Albany and Tifton, they are the little guy competing against corporate giants in a very competitive field.

Knight says they can compete because they are part of a national buying group that affords lower prices. "We just don't have the huge store fronts that they have, but we have the pricing. That helps, plus we have our own service department, and that's important to a lot of people if they are going to buy a big ticket item like a big screen."

 Knight's Appliances and Electronics will be open until 4:30 Saturday, if you decide you need a better TV to watch the Super Bowl on.

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