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Car break-ins continue in Albany

January 27, 2004

Albany- A rash of car break-ins in Albany has police warning thieves may be watching you when you get out of your car.

Broken glass is scattered in the spot where Liz Gray and her friends parked last night. "Lots of cars were here when it happened. It happened at about 7:30PM," said Gray.

While they were eating dinner at an Albany restaurant, someone broke into her friend's car. "Right where I was sitting was the window they broke out which was the rear passenger window," said Gray.

The thief stole her purse and her $300 digital camera. "I think they were watching us when I got out of the car. I think they saw that I didn't take a purse inside. Even though I hid my purse, I still think they looked to see if I was carrying a purse," said Gray.

When Gray called the police, she was surprised to hear there had been a rash of car break-ins at businesses in Albany for the last few weeks. In fact, there were at least four on Monday.

"This is a crime of opportunity," said APD Lt. Kenn Singleton. Singleton believes thieves may be staking out business parking lots - watching to see if people tuck their valuables under a seat or leave without their wallet or purse.

He has some advice, especially for ladies. "Ladies could take smaller purses that are easier to carry inside stores and restaurants. Leave the big purses at home or in a secure place," said Lt. Singleton.

Gray used to feel safe leaving her purse in the car during quick errands or stops, but not anymore. "I'll definitely always take my purse with me now."

A lesson you won't have to learn the hard way, if you think twice before leaving valuables in your car.

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