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Bingo players don't miss a game

January 26, 2004

Albany- Armed with a dobber, Barbara McDonald can work more Bingo cards than just about anyone in the room.

For more than 40 years, she's played at least four times a week.

"I won, first night I ever went," McDonald said. "So then I was hooked."

The first time, she played three faces.

"Now I play anywhere from 54 to 72."

On a Monday night at Hasan, she's playing with about 50 other people. They come loaded with tools for cards.

"Ah, you have dobbers. Any color you desire."

They also have clothing for chairs.

"When you get my age, you need something to support your back."

On Bingo Boulevard, they're here for fun, but they're serious about the game. Once there's a winner, it's onto the next game. But win or lose, the players are always glad they came.

"For the fun, for the companionship, for the money if you're lucky."

Bingo Barbara knows she's lucky, to mark every week, right here hitting the jackpot even when she doesn't Bingo.

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