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Leesburg people concerned by development plans

January 26, 2004

Leesburg -- Some people in Leesburg are concerned about proposed development. They don't want the Albany suburb to grow as much as the plan calls for. But the developers say they're worrying over nothing.

The proposed Lee Farms development would be built here on Robert B. Lee Road east of Highway 19. The 750 acre project will have 1200 new apartments, condominiums, and houses, bringing an estimated 3 thousand new residents to Leesburg.

But Troy Golden and James Paulk, who live in Leesburg, are opposed to it. Golden said "We're worried about school overcrowding, insufficient sewer capacities, and we'd like to see the three bodies get together and talk about this more." James Paulk said "Sewer system would have to be redone, there were have to additional Police Officers hired. One part of the project calls for a five story building, so there would have to be additions to the Fire Department to handle that type of structure."

Neighbors are also worried about Robert B. Lee road. The Lee Farms developers have not planed to change it from a two lane road. And as you can see it there is a lot of traffic on this road, because it leads to a number of the Lee County schools. They want to know what adding a couple of hundred more apartments will do to traffic here. Paulk said " I just feel the taxpayers of Leesburg and Lee County will have probably become involved to support this project for the contractor."

Lee County already accommodates more than 800 new families a year and developer John Leach says his long-range, 20 year plan won't overwhelm the community. Leach said "We are not going out and build 300 apartments next year, because the market can not absorb 300 apartments. So it will be phased in over time."

Leach says he brought in an Atlanta land development planner, to make this project a long term success. Neighbors want more discussion and guarantees.

A public hearing is scheduled for March Fourth at the Leesburg City Hall.

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