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Winter weather causes flights cancelation

January 26, 2004

Albany - While South Georgia endured spring-like storms on Monday, north Georgia had a day of icy, wintry weather. Schools and roads were closed and flights delayed. Flight cancellations in Atlanta have a trickle down effect on airports across the nation, including here in Albany. Two out of the four flights scheduled out of Albany on Monday were cancelled.

There were heavy rains, tornado watches and warnings in south Georgia, but none of those weather conditions had the airline passengers trapped. The problem was not here, it was up north where ice storms kept airplanes from landing in Atlanta.

Bonnie Decuir is trying to get to Baltimore. Decuir says, "I'm going to see my son, he just turned 21 and I haven't seen him since June." Her morning flight was canceled. She laughs, "I can't do anything about it."

Central, east and northeast Georgia, from Atlanta to Augusta and as far south as Macon was the hardest hit by the winter storm. From ten Monday morning to one in the afternoon, the number of customers without power in those areas went from 35,000 to 87,000. Georgia Power Area Distribution Manager, Jay Smith, says, "We've also asked for help from Louisiana and Arkansas to come help us."

Meanwhile, a Georgia Power storm team from south Georgia has headed north to work on icy power lines. Smith adds, "They could have a lot of work to do."

The 25 workers are coming from Albany, Bainbridge, Tifton and Valdosta. Lineman Corey Wells, says, "The ones that are left here have more work to do because we are shorthanded."

It's a dangerous job and at the airport it's also safety first. Decuir admits, "I was nervous about the weather, I feel better now. I think the airlines are looking out for safety,so it's okay."

Low-visibility and icy conditions are delaying and canceling both arriving and departing flights in Atlanta. Call ahead and check on the status of your flight.

If you're planning on driving north call the Department of Transportation hotline. You can reach the Navigator Traffic Information hotline at 404-635-6800. You can tell the operator where you're headed and find out the conditions before you hit the road.

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