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Son charged in mother's death

January 26, 2004

Sylvester- Family members hang onto God and each other as they try to deal with the death of one of their own.

"She took care of her kids and she raised them well. It just when they get to a certain age they just do what they want to do and don't want to listen and this got to that point," says Bush's sister, Tangela Johnson.

Mardean Sparrow says her daughter, 34-year old Tabitha Bush, only began having problems with her 16-year-old twin sons about a year ago. The family says Bush tried to get youth authorities to intervene several times. Now, they say it's too late.

"It's just a mistake that's all because it wasn't his intention and I'll stand before anybody and tell them that. I don't feel it's fair to judge him and say that he murdered his mom because it wasn't his intention," she says.

Bush and her children were visiting her sister Sunday. She and one of the twins begin to argue when he hit her in the head. Police say she was able to drive back home to Tifton, but later collapsed and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"It was just a family discussion on his behavior. His mom and my mother-in-law tried to talk to him and I guess he got upset and didn't want to listen," says Larry Johnson, Bush's brother-in-law.

"I still love him. He's my grandson, he's my oldest grandchild and I love him," adds Sparrow.

Now the family says they'll lean on each other as they cope with Bush's death and try to stay strong for the teenager they say never meant to hurt his mother.

The 16-year-old is being held in the Albany Regional youth Detention Center charged with voluntary manslaughter. Police say preliminary autopsy results show Bush died of stress induced cardiac arrest.

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