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18th annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity Hunt gets underway

January 23, 2004

Albany -- 50 celebrities from the sports, music, and movie fields turned to quail hunting in Southwest Georgia fields Friday morning. The 18th Annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity hunt got underway.

If you have ever been impressed by New York Yankees pitcher Kevin Brown on the mound, you should see him with a shotgun, quail hunting. Brown was one of four celebrities hunting at Wynfield Plantation on the first day of the Quail Unlimited Celebrity hunt. Brown said "Tradition can carry on to our children, and their children's children. I grew up outside in the country, and I want my kids to have the same chance."

Atlanta Braves General Manager John Schuerholz also enjoyed a fine day of hunting in Southwest Georgia. Like many celebrities, Schuerholz makes this trip a priority every year. Schuerholz said "You are enjoying quail hunting and the friendship and camaraderie that grows out of that. The beautiful grounds that we have the pleasure and privilege to hunt, and it's just a great time."

Actor John DiSanti said "You can't keep me away. Albany, the people, the comrade, the fun that you have here. You can't beat it, there is no way."

50 celebrities in all took part in Quail Unlimited's biggest fund raiser. They use the money to preserve habitat for the bird species. Brown said "Trying to keep a heritage alive, and make sure our kids get a chance to do the same thing."

 Quail hunting at it's best for these celebrities and their sponsor guests. The Celebrity hunt helping make sure quail stay a part of Georgia's wildlife for centuries to come.

The Celebrities will return to the plantations Saturday for another day of hunting, and then Sunday shoot sporting clays.

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