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Dean gets praises but no endorsements

January 18, 2004

Plains- "What we all want to see, all us Democrats, is someone to defeat the incumbent and bring a Democrat back the White House," says former President Jimmy Carter.

That was how he introduced presidential hopeful Howard Dean. Carter extended a handshake of thanks to Dean for his opposition to the war in Iraq and for his work on Carter's own campaign.

"I also want to express my public thanks for Howard Dean because his first entry into politics was to help lead my campaign for president in Vermont," Carter says.

When it was his turn to speak Dean's words were poised less on politics and more on thanking the man he calls a moral model.

"I particularly want to thank president Jimmy Carter. One, for getting me into politics, and two, for providing a moral example for all Americans because what we need is to restore the honor and the dignity and the morality in the White House."

Carter may not be endorsing Dean yet, but that isn't affecting any of the governor's supporters.

"The more I saw him and the more I read about him, the more I think he's the only candidate that can beat President Bush," claims Judy Suplee.

"I supported him the minute I saw him speak for the first time a year and a half ago and I wasn't looking for a candidate at that time I just thought that's him," adds Ken Foster.

Not only is Carter's own son backing the Vermont Democrat, but he admits to seeing a little of his father in Dean.

"The campaigns are very similar and I think that he does have some of the same forthrightness that dad did, but the governor's not my hero. Dad is my hero and mom is my hero. So, it's not going to go that far, but I certainly think that he'd be a great president and I think he'd get elected," says Chip Carter.

After his visit in Plains, Dean headed back to Iowa for Monday's caucus, the event that could determine the direction of the rest of his race to the White House.

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