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Flying high

January 16, 2004

Americus-- The South Georgia Technical College Jets are on a one-way flight to supremacy. "We've got a really unique group that is extremely unselfish and they accept their roles very well. They really like each other, they enjoy playing together and they play extremely hard," head coach Chris Wade said.

The Jets are off to an incredible 18 and 1 start this season, are 2 and 0 in conference play and ranked 16th in the country. "We're a little surprised to be 18 and 1 and to have some of the victories that we have on the road. I mean in 19 games we've only played five home games now. So we've beaten some very good teams on their home floor," Wade said.

"We didn't know we were going to be this good so fast, we thought it was going to come around the tournament. But we still have a lot of improving to do on top of that (record)," sophomore forward Sylvester Small said.

But perhaps what is more surprising is the fact that this is just the third year South Georgia Tech has had a basketball program. "We've had tremendous support from the community. The school itself has made a commitment to doing the things necessary to give us a chance to win and it takes all of those things," Wade added.

And Coach Wade believes that by continuing to win it not only bodes well for the future of this team but also of teams to come.

"This will definitely help recruiting and hopefully it will help us in the Albany area and the Mitchell-Baker's and Randolph(Clay's) and the Columbus' and Macon. We have not been able to land a kid out of any of those areas yet," Wade said.

The Jets figure another way to gain attention is to bring home a conference championship, one of the many goals they set at the beginning of the season.

"(Our goals are to)Keep a winning record, finish on top of our conference. And making it to the conference tournament, get prepared for the conference tournament," sophomore guard Darnell Hobson said.

"Another one of our goals is to win nationals also. So it's not only getting there, but it's what we do when we get there too," freshman point guard Jamie McNeilly said.

Some lofty expectations, but for this Jets team the sky's the limit.

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