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Couple arrested, animal cruelty charges pending

Angela Jenkins (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff) Angela Jenkins (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff)
Tim Jenkins  (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff) Tim Jenkins (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff)

January 15, 2004

CRISP COUNTY - An investigation into the deprivation of two children prompted an investigation into the cruelty of more than 30 animals.

The Department and Family Children Service was acting on a tip and investigating the well-being of two children, ages 10 and 12, when they discovered at least 35 animals living in a double-wide mobile home. According to witnesses, the home was filthy and littered with animal feces.

The mother of the children, Angela Jenkins, of 610 Crossroads Store Road, was arrested Thursday for an outstanding traffic warrant. Her husband, Timmie, was arrested Wednesday for disorderly conduct while the DFACS worker was at his home. Both are being held in the Crisp County jail with both Cruelty to and Aggravated Cruelty to Animal charges pending.

Crisp County Sheriff Donnie Haralson said the two were wanted in Worth County for animal cruelty but moved before police were able to locate them.

The dogs, ranging from Labradors to Pekingese, were taken as evidence in the pending case against the Jenkins'. One cat was also found. Crisp County Animal Control, along with the State Department of Agriculture assisted in the confiscation of the animals. Many are being housed at the Albany Humane Society since there was not enough room in the Crisp facility.

"This is the typical back-yard-type breeder," Donna Strickland of the Albany Humane Society said. "They're unlicensed breeder's. The dogs are in sad shape. They're kept in hard conditions, so, certainly, we want to help the animals."

Strickland and her staff will monitor and treat the animals she's housing for mange, eye infections and bloody feet. Several more dogs were taken to a veterinarian in Crisp County for treatment.

The animals will remain as evidence in this case against the Jenkins', so they aren't available for adoption. However, Strickland and Haralson said anyone who would like to contribute to the medical expenses of these animals may call 888-PETS.

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