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Peanut farm show comes to town

Georgia Peanut Commission executive director Don Koehler Georgia Peanut Commission executive director Don Koehler

January 15, 2004

Albany- Coming to the Georgia Peanut Farm Show can a leave farmer with a $5,000 door prize to put toward a combine.

"A combine like this, you're looking at anywhere between $75,000 and $80,000 thousand dollars," said Mark Mathis, Southeast sales manager for Amadas. "So five thousand dollars is a lot of money to most people."

But what most farmers are looking for when they come here is information.

"It's an important time for the farmer because they're trying to decide what kind of crop mix they're going to have," said Don Koehler, executive director of the Georgia Peanut Commission. "How many acres of peanuts, cotton, corn, things like that."

To help them make those kinds of decisions, they come here to see the latest in everything from tractors, to herbicides. Things have been going pretty well for peanut farmers and they're hoping it stays that way.

"We had a phenomenal yield last year. If it wasn't a record yield, it's very close to a record," Koehler said. "We had the ability to pay off some of the debt and I think farmers are really up beat right now."

"They like to come out and see what's new for the year, what everybody else is doing," Mathis said. "Our customers come by to see what changes we've made."

If they happen to take home $5,000 extra for a combine, then that just made the trip 5,000 more times worth it.

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