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Farmers say noise ordinance bad business

January 14, 2004

Fitzgerald- Ben Hill county Farmer Susan Luke knows how to keep deer from eating her peanut crop at night.

She uses a propane cannon, or crow gun, that makes a loud noise to scare animals away. The gun goes off every few minutes during the night, because when deer get in your crop, it looks like this.

But some people have complained about the noise and now the county commission is looking at changing the noise ordinance.

"Ours has not been updated in years and we wanted to update it," said Larry Davis, chairman of the county commission. "And it's time to take a look at it and we're looking at it."

But a policy that is strict on agricultural noise may be just one more thing to make life harder on farmers.

"A lot of people depend on it for their income and soley their income," said Kenneth Hulett. "If they don't have agriculture in this area, then nobody profits from it."

Both sides say it comes down to livelihood.

"That's what we have to take into consideration, how it's going to effect people that you imposing a new ordinance," Davis said.

"Agriculture is a business in South Georgia," Hulett said. "We need this business. It's been here and long time and personally I hope it's here a long time to come."

It's up to commissioners to make Ben Hill County a place people want to live. And it's up to farmers to grow a good crop, so they can continue their way of life.

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