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Soldier swears in

January 13, 2004

Arlington- Staff Sergeant Jerome Brackins spent the last ten months serving his country.

With this oath he'll now begin to serve the City of Arlington.

"I care about what's in the best interest of the community," Brackins said. "That's why I always relate every question to the community, because that's where my heart is at."

Brackins' supporters campaigned for him while he was thousands of miles away in the desert. Without shaking one hand or giving out a single campaign flier, he beat the incumbent for the post three seat.

"We went to work for him with his family and the people received him very well," said Bill Clark, one of his supporters. "So we saw a need for it."

He still has work to finish with the Army Reserves in the Middle East, but he'll be keeping up with city business in Arlington.

"Some things they're doing I favor, some things I don't," Brackins said. "Some things we need to work on to make our community better."

After all, the work of a civil servant and the work of a serviceman may not be that different. They both take long hours, can be thankless jobs, but people like Brackins know it's service that has to be done.

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