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Weather raises gas prices

January 13, 2004

Albany - You can blame the higher cost on gasoline on the cold weather. Nationwide, the average cost of unleaded gas is $1.55 a gallon. That's up about $.07 from just three weeks ago.

Industry analysts say the deep freeze that's hitting dozens of states is driving up the demand for home heating oil which results in higher prices at the pump.

In Albany, the average price is about $1.43 a gallon for regular gas. "Last week gas was at $1.35. Now, its at $1.43, so I have to keep my eye on gas prices," said Eddie Hill, Motorist.

A hike in crude oil prices has also lead to higher gas prices. The highest gas prices in the country were found in Hawaii at about $2.37 a gallon. Amarillo, Texas has the lowest prices at $1.35.

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