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Car break ins on the rise

January 13, 2004

Albany --  Police say car break-ins are on the rise in business parking lots. Most may be simple crimes of opportunity, but Investigators think some thieves may be watching you when you get out of your car.

When you park your car and walk into an Albany business, is someone watching you? Car break-ins are becoming more common, and Investigators suspect thieves may be scouting business parking lots, watching for victims.

Lt. Kenn Singleton said "Ladies may have a pocketbook and they don't want to take it inside the place of business. They may push it under the seat, or put it inside the car trying to hide it. There may be people in the parking lot paying attention to that."

 Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. You leave your car door unlocked or window down, and valuables in plain view, and a passerby suddenly becomes a thief. Lt. Singleton said "As they walk by they may happen to look in and see a purse sitting on the seat, a box, or a brief case, and decide to commit that crime."

The car break-ins are happening at businesses all over town. More in Northwest Albany, because of the larger population.

The simplest way to protect yourself, keep valuables out of sight. Lt. Singleton said "Stop leaving things in plain view. Watch where you park. If you know it's going to be dark when you come back, park in well lit areas."

Lt. Singleton said there were four car break-ins reported last night.

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