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Lieutenant governor blames HOPE strain on college fees

January 13, 2004

(Atlanta-AP) -- Georgia's lieutenant governor is blaming the strain on the HOPE scholarship on the state's colleges. The Democrat says colleges are to blame because they keep hiking fees and tuition and use the lottery-funded scholarship as a funding source.

In a surprise move, Taylor laid out a plan to save HOPE that includes a free on college tuitition. Taylor made his comments at the annual "Eggs and Issues" breakfast attended by 2,400 members of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta. Many lawmakers also were on hand.

The scholarship covers tuition, fees and books for "B" students. It has grown to include so many students that in a few years the state lottery will not be able to pay for HOPE.

The scholarships and technical college grants cost Georgia more than $21 million in 1993-94 -- HOPE's first year. Last school year, the bill topped $357 million dollars. Lawmakers have been scrambling for solutions to the impending problem.

Taylor was received with applause when he disagreed with a plan to begin typing the HOPE scholarship to SAT scores. He also said he opposes cutting out the fees and books portion of the scholarship.

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